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1A Novice: Decorated Biscuits


3 homemade biscuits coated and decorated in royal icing only. Each biscuit should have
a different design but be connected to form a set to represent the theme. Edible food
colours allowed. Cocoa butter is allowed for painting, no other decorating medium allowed.
No artificial decoration allowed, but ribbon may be used to hang the biscuits. To be
presented how the competitor wishes within a maximum base area of 8”/20cm square.

NB: A biscuit should have a depth of 6-8mm (the average depth of a commercial digestive biscuit),
and a maximum overall depth of 15mm once decorated.

**Each adult entrant attending will be required to take a slot on the stewarding time table and will be contacted regarding the same. 

10 in stock

10 in stock