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1B: Open - A Royal Iced Fruit Cake


An 8-inch (20cm) round or square rich fruit cake to be covered with marzipan, coated with royal icing and presented on a 12” (31cm) royal iced coated board. The base of the cake to be neatened with shell edging, piped in royal icing. The cake to be additionally decorated using royal icing skills (e.g. scrollwork, dots or Cornelli work) and must feature a piped inscription to indicate the chosen birthday. ALL piping to be directly onto the cake and all coating and decorating to be in white only. A
list of all ingredients used should be provided. The list is to be placed in a sealed envelope with
your competition number on it and placed beside your exhibit. The cake will be cut and tasted.

Max base area of 12”/31cm square

**Each adult entrant attending will be required to take a slot on the stewarding time table and will be contacted regarding the same. 

9 in stock

9 in stock