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4A: Open - Illusion Cake - Competitors choice


An illusion cake is a cake that is decorated to look like anything other than a cake. Fool us into thinking that it can’t possibly be cake!!!

1 or multiple of any shape cake is allowed, cakes may be carved if the competitor wishes. No dummies, only real cake to be used. Rice Krispie treat and Chocolate biscuit cake are acceptable. Cakes may be coated in any edible medium i.e. sugar paste, royal icing or chocolate etc. and can be decorated in any edible medium(s) the competitor wishes. Only edible and food grade plastic internal supports are allowed. No artificial decoration allowed. No inscription necessary. To fit within a maximum base area of 16”/40cm square. Please state your exhibit size as a note on the entry form.

**Each adult entrant attending will be required to take a slot on the stewarding time table and will be contacted regarding the same. 

9 in stock

9 in stock