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4: Open - Cake top Ornament - Competitors choice


A 3D Cake top ornament made from any edible medium or combination of edible mediums. Discrete edible or food grade supports only may be used. Wire, tape, cotton and stamens are allowed for decoration. No other artificial decoration allowed.
To fit within a maximum base area of 8”/20cm square.

A cake top ornament is 1 single item that can be lifted up and placed directly onto a cake. It should be able to stand up by itself. In this case it should be presented on a coated board. It may be secured with some royal icing underneath but it should be obvious that it could be lifted off in one piece. Do not secure your cake top ornament to a drum using internal supports.

**Each adult entrant attending will be required to take a slot on the stewarding time table and will be contacted regarding the same. 

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Out of stock