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7B: Masterclass Wedding Cake


In these classes the use of ribbon on the cake/around the cake is not allowed. You can use your skills to create an edible ribbon, border, or piped border if you wish. Ribbon is allowed on the edge of the cake drum/board. A plinth can be a covered double board which is iced and the sides covered with ribbon, braid or any edible medium.

A wedding cake of three or more tiers decorated with any edible medium(s). Wires, tape, cotton and stamens may be used. No other artificial decoration allowed. Edible and food grade plastic supports only may be used. Pillars, cake stands, separators, plinths and double boards may be used for display but if cakes or dummies are stacked, a board/card must be used on the underside of each tier.

To fit within a maximum base area of 16”/40 cm square. Please state your exhibit size as a note on the entry form.

**Each adult entrant attending will be required to take a slot on the stewarding time table and will be contacted regarding the same. 

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10 in stock